Airship Pirates - Sojourns

Intro adventure or How we got here...

Our intrepid crew arrives in Helium City at the behest of Abner “Coyote” Wiley, who has hired the PCs to perform for his daughter’s birthday.

Helium City, near the start of the “storm season” is kicked up with wind and dust as the PCs Arrive on the goodship Lollipop Skywhale? with their circus The Floating Menagerie

After being hailed by the Airship Docking Officer, Jacquard-3 and Professor Freeman come down and convince the Officer to let the ship dock in the lowest rung of the Sky Tower for only 2 Helios, on the condition they have a public performance of the circus.

Captain Clara Dalton-Herst, Jacquard-3, and Aaron went into town to find Mr. Coyote. Along the way they calmed down and helped resume a fistfight. When they came in to bee Mr. Coyote, he promised them work performing for his daughter’s birthday, on the condition they perform an “audition” performance in town for free that evening.

Anna and Prof. Freeman, meanwhile, walked into town looking for new parts, new clothes, and new gizmos. After being accosted by several rickshaw drivers and refusing their services, one of them pulled a gun on Professor Freeman, intending to shoot, but was disarmed by Anna just in the nick of time. The thwarted driver ran off, leaving the Professor with a new gun and Anna with a new Rickshaw and .50 He of business, which she then spent on a new blouse and set of trousers.

Now the crew has to scramble back and put on a show that will be talked about for ages! Or at least one that passes the audition…



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