Airship Pirates - Sojourns

The Mission or "Great Galloping Gizzards!"

Our crew, after rescuing Alexander, made it’s return voyage to Helium City

On the way, the 1st Mate (NPC) put out a memo to the crew “Beatings will continue until morale improves.”

The crew is then waylaid by the Narwahle and its Captain, Josemyra Carver, a mercenary par excellence who was commisionned by Commodore Dalton-Herst to retrieve his “property” (which includes the Captain, of course). With the work of the Pilot and Chief Engineer, the Skywhale out maneuvers the mercenary….for now.

Upon return to Helium City, Baron Von Helszig of Isla Aether’s Golden Balloon is parked in our old spot. (Bastard!). The Skywhale chose to land in a slightly crappier berth.

Upon landing, Anna, Jacquard-3 , and Professor Freeman work on a side project (see last entry for details).

Captain Dalton-Herst has decided to investigate the whereabouts of Baron Helszig and his reasons for being in town. She decided to don a fancy party dress and headed over to the Ritz-Carlton to hobnob with the upper crust. It’s common knowledge that Skyloft elite “winter” in Helium CIty. Unfortunately, the captain did not find any information on the Baron’s whereabouts.

We arrive at the barge. Along with the crew, such as the Skipper Rellick and his son and daughter, there is a hired muscle, Claus (though known better as “Claws” or “Jaws”).

There are also three other passengers: keeping together. dark stovepipe hats, dark vests. cowboy boots w/ spurs.

Dr. Haze asks Claus who the passengers are. he responds eerily “Marshalls”.

After 3 hours on the barge, Claus hand the cpatain a note

“By now you have been on this trip a while and by the fact you are alive, Claus has deemed you worthy of continuing this mission.

If you’re reading this: congratulations!

Now let me tell you where you’re headed.

The end of the line of this canal is a grounded city with is neither Skyloft, nor Neovictorian, nor Neobedouin. It is far far to tho the West where no one has ever been, except other barge folk called The Long Beach.

And I am proud to open a new line of business by offering this crate to the mayor of the CIty of The Long Beach.

See it in great care.


The Honorable Abner “Coyote” Wiley"

A short while later a infestation of giant carnivorous roadrunners came aboard the barge. The Strongman, just able to get the crate inside the hold in the nick of time. Alexander put the whole of his might in barring the door.

Meanwhile, Claus and Anna inspect the crate to see if there was any damage, but could only hear ticking. After the events of the night before Anna dove for cover assuming a bomb was present.

Jacquard-3 meanwhile, attempted to find some source of smell that would distract the ravenous birds. In the galley, he found a large chunk of Limburger cheese which, after opening the door a crack (and losing his clockwork hand to the door) and throwing it on the deck, proved to be a successful gambit.

Near the end of the invasion Claus, having gotten on Alexander’s nerves, and vice versa, almost began a fistfight, but Anna, rifle in tow, was able to talk Claus out of starting anything foolish….



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