Airship Pirates - Sojourns

The Rescue of The Great Alexander with Short "Is that a Gun in your Pocket? Or Are You Just Angry to Meet Me?"

With the Adept navigation of Dr. Barbara Haze, the skillful leadership of Captain Dalton-Herst, and just a bit of help by Engineer Bellweather, the Skywhale managed to find the barge which carried the Great Alexdaner hostage.

Jacquard-3 wasted no time in organizing the artillery and the Skywhale’s broadside cannon pelleted the ship, taking down the barge’s engines. The Captain ordered the Grappling Hooks be shot to the barge and several of the crew, including Ms. Carlotta Kent, Dr. Haze and the Captain herself, boarded the vessel. Ms. Kent boarded the ship first and was met with a savage katana by teh Barge’s Captain, Bassason the Bounty Hunter.

Meanwhile, Jacquard-3 keep firing cannon shot whilst Anna, having run to the deck, was firing at the barge’s gunners, who were putting holes in the ship’s hull.

[I don;t remember what happened from here]

Basasson’s ship was routed, it’s cargo raided, though Bassason himself escaped.

The crew and the new set of goods (including two pristine Steam Gatling Guns) set off back to Helium City for the Main show.


That evening, Anna, Jacquard-3, and Prof. Freeman began work on an experimental device. With JAcquard-3’s electrical acumen, Prof. Freeman’s knowledge of explosives and fuses, and Anna’s Steam-smithing and engineering, they created an impressive deivce.

Anna and the Professor loaded the bomb on a steamcart to the rendevous point, a warehouse on the East side of town. They were escorted inside where the warehouse was loaded with smelly, sound dampening chickens. Further in, they were led into an office where a gentleman made out her identity, and pulled a gun on them.

Anna tried to parlay to them that the weapon was the real deal, but they were not buying it. Professor Freeman in an ill-advised act of snake-oil salesmanship, took out his shotgun to explain to them his weaponsmithing abilities.

All hell, unsurprisingly, broke loose.

Anna sped out of the room and avoided both bullet and arms grabbing her.

The Professor wasn’t so lucky. While he escpaed the office with only a few gunshot wounds and was able to shut the office door temporarily, the men caught up to him and Professor Freeman was beaten, shot and bruised, a pile on men started pummeling him.

Anna, meanwhile, escaped to set off the bomb. In doing so, she realized the fuse is MUCH MUCH than they intended and, yelling “2 seconds” and running out of the warehouse.

Then, there was a big boom. The Professor barely managed to survive, cushioned by the bodies of a dozen men and several hundred chickens.

When Anna re-entered to survey the damage, she found the Professor barely walking, caovered in blood, feathers and viscera. They limp back to the ship, with no money, but a least there was a big boom.

It was a good night!



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