Alexander Ursa

A strongman on the run for accidentally killing his longtime friend in a duel over a woman.


The Great Alexander

Culture: Neobedouin
Gender: Male
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Blue
Age: 24
Background: Showman

Strength 3
Dexterity 2
Fortitude 2
Presence 1
Wits 1
Resolve 2

Derived Attributes
Initiative: 6
Move: 1
Health: 4

Animal Handling: 1
Athletics: 2
Dodge: 4
Firearms: 3
Fisticuffs: 4
Improvised Weapon: 3
Intimidate: 2
Martial Arts: 2
Might: 4
Perception: 3
Streetwise: 2
Swordplay: 3
Tactics: 2

Combat Sense
Iron Grip

Addiction (Alcohol)


The Great Alexander is the son of The Great Alexander, who in turn is named after the first Great Alexander. Born into a showman’s family, Alexander took the mantle of the strong man passed down to him. He was strong in the community of traveling artists, and well respected enough to be elected to his tribes ruling council at only 16.

Through out his childhood his best friend was Adam Wolf, a master of blade throwing. They were inseperasble, always there for each other.

Then came Bianka Zephyr. Alexander fell in love with her and romanced her, but found Adam doing the same. Angered, they decided to meet in a duel. As they were still friends, it was to be to first touch. During the fight Adam slipped, Alexander mistook it for a lunge, and accidenttally sent his blade across Adam’s throat. He died.

Rejected by Bianka, and wanted for murder, he escaped the tribe and went on his own. For a while he was driven to the bottle, but has recently put that behind him, and now seeks to find something to absolve himself of his sin.

Alexander Ursa

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