The Sky-Whale

A “Tigerfish” Class vessel owned by Captain Clara-May Dalton-Herst, who supposedly won it in a game of chance (though whether she stacked the odds in her favor is a matter of debate).

Currently, the vessel and its crew are best known as The Floating Menagerie, a circus act known for both the tamed animals of the wilderness (even with their predispositions for eating human flesh) and acts of strength, dexterity, slight of hand, and intellect!

Known Acts Include:

  • Signe Frieda, The American Lion Tamer!
  • Annabella, Mistress of Illusion!
  • Numismo, The Mechanical Turk!

Airship Loadout

Armor 1 1
Cannon, Small 16 16
Grappling Hook Launcher 2 4
Sails 1 1
Stables (Indrikki) 1 12
Petty Cash 1 1
Props Room 1 8
Weapons Locker 1 3
Workshop 1 4
Wallowing 1 -5
Sick Bay15

Looted Gear

  • 2 Steam Gatling Guns
  • Large Quantities of Bullets
Mammoth (1) – Wooly Willy
Lions (4) – Fritz, Karel, Inna, Marlene
Horses (4) – Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Twilight SParkle
Rabbits (4 and counting)
Poodles (3) – Michel, Fifi, Jean-Marie
Doves & Pigeons (12)

Petty Cash

  • 113.5


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